Accessibility statement

1 – Accessibility declaration

CORTADOS Y APARADOS DARON SL has committed to making the content of this website accessible in accordance with the accessibility criteria of the Digital Kit Program, in accordance with the UNE-EN 301 549:2022 standard.

This accessibility statement applies to the website

2 – Compliance status

The web technologies on which the accessibility compliance of this site is based are HTML5, CSS, WAI-ARIA, DOM, as well as OTHER technologies of the WordPress url platforml:

Due to the above, this website is PARTIALLY COMPLIANT, with the accessibility aspects with which this website complies with the following:




9.1.1. Non-textual content Information and relationships (Conditional) Significant sequence (Conditional) Sensory characteristics (Conditional) Guidance (Conditional) Identification of the purpose of the entry (Conditional) Use of Color (Conditional) Audio Control (Conditional) Contrast (minimum) (Conditional) Changing text size (Conditional) Text Images (Conditional) Text readjustment (Conditional) Non-textual contrast (Conditional) Text Spacing (Conditional) Content pointed to by the pointer or having focus (Conditional) Keyboard (Conditional) No cheats for keyboard focus (Conditional) Adjustable time (Conditional) Pause, Stop, Hide (Conditional) Threshold of three flashes or less (Conditional) Page titling (Conditional) Focus order (Conditional) Purpose of links (in context) (Conditional) Multiple Ways (Conditional) Headers and labels (Conditional) Visible focus (Conditional) Pointer gestures (Conditional) Pointer Cancellation (Conditional) Inclusion of the tag in the name (Conditional) Motion Activation (Conditional) Page language (Conditional) Language of the parties (Conditional) Upon receiving the focus (Conditional) Upon receipt of entries (Conditional) Consistent Navigation (Conditional) Consistent Identification (Conditional) Error identification (Conditional) Labels or instructions (Conditional) Error Suggestions (Conditional) Error prevention (legal, financial, data) (Conditional) Processing (Conditional) Name, function, value (Conditional) Status messages (Conditional)


9.6 WCAG Guidelines Compliance Requirements (Conditional)

11.7 User preferences


11.8.1 Content management technology (Conditional)


11.8.2 Creation of accessible content (Conditional)


11.8.3 Preservation of accessibility information during transformations (Conditional)


11.8.4 Repair Service (Conditional)


11.8.5 Templates (Conditional)

12.1.1 Accessibility and compatibility features


12.1.2 Accessible documentation


12.2.2 Information about accessibility and compatibility features

3 – Content not accessible

The content collected below is not accessible due to the following:

Lack of compliance with RD 1112/2018 Avoid blocks (Conditional)

Condition: When the ICT is a web page.

There is a mechanism to avoid blocks of content that are repeated on multiple web pages. (Level A)

4 – Preparation of this accessibility declaration

This statement was prepared on August 22, 2023.

The method used to prepare the declaration has been a self-assessment carried out by the company Cortados y aparados Daron SL which certifies that this website substantially corresponds to the interpretation of the information guide provided by the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. In this continued effort to remove barriers, they will continue to improve this site until optimal accessibility and usability is achieved for all users.

5 – Observations and contact information

You can make communications about accessibility requirements (article 10.2.a of RD 1112/2018) such as:

  • Report any possible breach by this website.
  • Convey other content access difficulties.
  • Formulate any other query or suggestion for improvement regarding the accessibility of the website.

Through the email or through the telephone number (+34) 865 724 173

You can present:

  • A complaint regarding compliance with the requirements of RD 1112/2018 or
  • A request for accessible Information relating to:
  1. Contents that are excluded from the scope of application of RD 1112/2018 as established by article 3, section 4.
  2. Content that is exempt from compliance with accessibility requirements because it imposes a disproportionate burden.

In the Request for accessible information, the facts, reasons and request must be clearly specified that allow us to verify that it is a reasonable and legitimate request.

Complaints and claims about accessible information will be made through the contact methods described, and will be received and processed by the administrative area of Cortados y aparados Daron SL.

6 – Additional content

This website applies the requirements of Standard UNE-EN 301549:2022, considering the exceptions of RD 1112/2018.

The last accessibility review was carried out in August 2023.

The website is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher versions and the latest versions of FireFox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. The minimum recommended web resolution is 1280×1024.

The website is designed for Responsive viewing, so it is optimally displayed on tablet and mobile devices. On these devices it is optimized for viewing in the latest current versions of Chrome for mobile, Firefox for mobile, Safari mobile, Opera Mini and native Android browser.

This portal is designed to be able to change the text size and color, as well as the background of the page using the standard browser configuration options.

If you want to change the font size of the text in the main graphical browsers, use the following menus:

  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox: See > Text size
  • Opera: See > Zoom
  • Safari: View > Make the text bigger
  • Chrome: Control the current page > Text size

To resize everything on the page:

  1. Ctrl + + to increase it
  2. Ctrl + – to decrease it
  3. Ctrl + 0 restores the original size of the text

If what you want is to override the style sheet or modify the text color, you can consult the WAI’s How to Change Text Size or Colors page, which can be read translated into Spanish in How to change the text size or colors?

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